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Zeus The Lorf Of Olympia Guide ( By MYM Merlini's )

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Hero Abilities
<blockquote>Arc Lightning<blockquote>Hurls a bolt of arcing energy that laces through many nearby enemy units.

Level 1 - Arcs 5 times, deals 85 damage.
Level 2 - Arcs 7 times, deals 100 damage.
Level 3 - Arcs 9 times, deals 115 damage.
Level 4 - Arcs 15 times, deals 130 damage.

Cooldown: 2 seconds.

Level 1: 65 mana, 2 sec cooldown.
Level 2: 72 mana, 2 sec cooldown.
Level 3: 79 mana, 2 sec cooldown.
Level 4: 86 mana, 2 sec cooldown.</blockquote>A
great skill for finishing off creeps, harassing and controlling a lane.
With static field the damage it does is highly significant.

Lightning Bolt <blockquote>Summons a bolt of lightning from the heavens to strike a target enemy.

Level 1 - Deals 100 damage.
Level 2 - Deals 175 damage.
Level 3 - Deals 275 damage.
Level 4 - Deals 350 damage.

Cooldown: 7 seconds.

Level 1: 75 mana, 7 sec cooldown.
Level 2: 95 mana, 7 sec cooldown.
Level 3: 115 mana, 7 sec cooldown.
Level 4: 135 mana, 7 sec cooldown.</blockquote>A very powerful single-target nuke that not only does 350 damage at level 4, but also gives true sight.

Static Field<blockquote>Whenever Zeus casts a spell, he shocks all nearby enemy heroes for a percentage of their current hit points as damage.
Affects an area of effect of 800.

Level 1 - Shocks for 5% of current hit points.
Level 2 - Shocks for 7% of current hit points.
Level 3 - Shocks for 9% of current hit points.
Level 4 - Shocks for 11% of current hit points.

Passive</blockquote>This skill enables Zeus's spells to effectively scale lategame since it does a percentage of HP.

Thundergod's Wrath<blockquote>Strikes down all enemy heroes with a bolt of lightning.

Level 1 - Deals 210 damage.
Level 2 - Deals 335 damage.
Level 3 - Deals 460 damage.

Cooldown: 120 seconds.

Level 1: 225 mana, 120 sec cooldown.
Level 2: 325 mana, 120 sec cooldown.
Level 3: 450 mana, 120 sec cooldown.</blockquote>A
global nuke that is extremely useful for comboing, finishing off
heroes, granting vision, and in team battles, it adds effective "AoE".

</blockquote>For a more precise description of skills, please visit: Lord of Olympia - DotA Allstars Wiki

Skill Build<blockquote>Level 1 - Arc Lightning
Level 2 - Static Field
Level 3-5 - Lightning Bolt
Level 6 - Thundergod's Wrath
Level 7 - Lightning Bolt
Level 8-10 - Static Field
Level 11 - Thundergod's Wrath
Level 12-15 - Attribute Bonuses
Level 16 - Thundergod's Wrath

Justification: Bolt and Wrath are
maxed as soon as possible since they are his most powerful spells, and
static is gotten afterwards to add multiple-target damage during team
fights. Some people max Arc before 23-25 but it is actually not always
good to max arc because you can only re-cast arc lightning when the
first one is done 'bouncing' and since level 4 hits 15 targets, the
cooldown is often over before the lightning finishes bouncing. In rare
occasions sometimes you might want to go
Stats/Bolt/Bolt/Stats/Bolt/Ult/Bolt/static/arc/static/etc - I'll
explain that more later in soloing. </blockquote>Core Items<blockquote>

Nulls/Bracers: I started getting 3
nulls instead of arcane ring when Nerubian Assassin was popular. I feel
that maximum hp / mana is very important on fragile int heroes: Feel
free to make bracers instead.

Point Booster: Since a lot of
battles are 2v2 3v3 or whatever from full health to death, mass hp is
the most important factor for survival. Point Booster provides great
hp/mana for its cost.

Bottle: Enables you to control the lane, have regen, and if you are soloing mid, collecting runes is very essential to your game.</blockquote>Luxury Items<blockquote>

Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse: Lategame,
having a guinsoo will work wonders for your team - great stats, imba
range, and mana regen, and of course hex is a priceless ability.

Boots of Travel: It is a standard choice on Zeus for mobility and movespeed.</blockquote>Other Items<blockquote>

Arcane Ring: You dont see many
people going for mana regen or arcane because those only help with the
laning phase and since zeus is such a glass cannon, he is often focused

Other Lategame Items: If you farm
more than a guinsoo etc., you are probably farming too much (taking
away from carries) or not fighting enough, or both. Zeus is still very
potent late game, but reserve the farm for heroes on your team who are
more item dependent.</blockquote>Playing Zeus<blockquote>Early Game:
For starters, its 4 branches + 3 clarities + eaters (tangoes). Since I
tend to solo middle when I play Zeus, I rush bottle to get the quick
lane advantage. Usually my build is 3 nulls, boots, tp scrolls, and

Attack Animation: His 'wind-up'
(frontswing) is very long, but you can use that to your advantage to
's- cancel your attack and out-lasthit your opponent. Many players rely
on Arc Lightning too much.

Lane Control: Arc pushes the lane
and is also dependent on clarity potions, but pushing the lane also
gives you free time to check the runes, so you have to weigh both
choices. Both Arc and Bolt have a range of 700, enabling you to stay
out of danger when casting

Strong Enemies: Against a good
laner, Bolt/Stats build is needed sometimes against Shadow Fiend or
Silencer. It's important to get early last hits against SF, and stats
helps with both allied/denied units (obviously, Arc only works for
offensive purposes). When dealing with a really problematic hero like
Broodmother, make sure you keep a tp scroll on you at level 6 and
definitely go Arc. Try to rune whore it with bottle while keeping
sentries up (from teammates) and you should do ok. Go gank the side

Oh, maybe try out the stats/bolt build a few times so you can work on last hitting with zeus </blockquote>

The 5 MYM|Merlini Golden Rules1. Always Lightning Bolt before Arc
It may seem better to arc before lightning to get maximum effect from
static field but if you arc first you may lose your opponent in the fog

2. Always ALWAYS watch your positioning
Lightning bolt has a hell of a long range, Thundergod's Wrath has
infinite range, and Arc has pretty damn long range too, so there is
almost no reason to be 'up close and personal' in battle unless you are
chasing down heroes.

3. Wrath for Vision
When trying to kill low hp heroes (low, but not low enough for wrath
only) in hard to navigate areas (e.g. below sentinel bottom right
tower), use wrath to gain vision of your enemy so you can bolt them to

4. Share control with your allies
Communicating to a teammate to do something is always much slower than doing it yourself

5. Abuse Bolt Range
Try to ninja that extra bolt in before team fights actually start - it
has ridiculous range and helps in battles way more than you think ....

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